Knick Knack

11.3 hh Grey Welsh Pony Gelding
Champion Short Stirrup pony hunter for off farm lease with your trainer.
Short Stirrup pony hunter

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Knick Knack is dead quiet BOMBPROOF Welsh pony who is sound, sweet, calm and the gentlest lesson pony you'll ever work with. He is available for off farm lease at your trainer's facility.
Excellent manners and a curious, gentle loving personality. Exceptionally tolerant, patient and quiet with the smallest and timid of riders. Has far more whoa than go. Great to instill confidence in teeny tiny riders.

Walks, trots and canters perfectly, though he needs a bit of push to get started and keep going with beginners' he's a perfect little soul for the tiniest of riders if you are seeking a safe and slow pony for them to learn on. Jumps courses and lines with ease, naturally finds his take off spot. Easily jumps 2'3 with style and natural talent that continues to impress all trainers and judges. AUTOMATIC lead changes! Great to teach on! And the most used and requested lesson pony for ages 3 to small 10 year olds.

Extremely patient and tolerant with beginners but will really switch on to show his stuff with a talented little rider or as the child progresses and learns to ride him well. Adjusts himself to the level of rider.

Really fun for trail rides, cross country and games too! He usually leads all the bigger horses on trail rides. Even past the gun range where the big guys blow, snort and skitter about the gun shots little Knick Knack walks by and doesn't bat an ear.

Currently showing Leadline, Mini Stirrup, Shortest Stirrup and Short Stirrup this season.

Knick Knack has been sadly outgrown by his last lessee, and is available for the off farm annual lease fee of $3500.00 stabled at your trainer's farm. Please email for many more show photos of this talented children's short stirrup pony.

For videos of Knick Knack click links below:

Beginner Lesson Pony

Beginner Pony- barrel race at local show

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Safe Bombproof Kids Small Pony for Lease

Email for information about Knick Knack!

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