Sleepy Hollow Farm offers some of our best short stirrup and show ponies for off farm lease with your trainer. Often it is beneficial for a child to lease a made pony that they will outgrow in few years to gain their confidence, give them mileage and have the opportunity to compete and learn on a made pony that may be too expensive to purchase. Many children lease their first small or medium to gain confidence and to be sure they are truly dedicated to having a pony, and then go on to purchase a large after learning on the small or medium confidence builder. Check below to see if their is a pony that piques your interest. Even if it currently on lease, ponies return every year or two and may be available in the near future. Feel free to contact us at any time.
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The PickPocket
Bombproof Toddler and Baby Beginner Mini Stirrup Pony for Lease/Sale

Currently on lease - Available March 2018
Beginner Lesson Pony for lease or sale
The PickPocket

Bombproof Lesson, Camp and very small child's Mini Stirrup Packer 12.1+h Grey Welsh Cross Gelding
Perfect Leadline, Mini & Short Stirrup Pony
Quiet, patient and steady, excellent confidence builder for toddlers,the very young, or timid child who needs the pony who is never in a hurry with more whoa than go.

Currently on lease- available March 2018 for annual lease at your trainer's facility $4500

Beginner Lesson Video of PickPocket
Beginner Crossrails
Bareback backwards riding
Trot Lesson Advanced Beginner
Just arrived at new home 300+ miles away
Canter Advanced Beginner

For more information on The PickPocket lease/purchase please click here

Currently on lease- available Oct 2019
Toddler Proof Mini and Short Stirrup Pushbutton Packer Beginner Lesson Pony for lease

Perfect Beginner Toddler/Small Child Pony, Patient Kind and BOMBPROOF
12.2h Paint Mare
Available for fall-winter (or annual lease) 2019 - $1500 fall-winter lease boarded and lessoning at trainers facility
Quiet, kind and gentle, Beezus is a perfect first pony for a child to learn to love and ride. Tiny little trot, canter and jump with beginner riders and will run like a 4 wheeler to win the kids gymkhana every time with a gutsy little rider that wants a pony motorcycle! She's wonderful as she is completely kind hearted and honest, never spooky or does anything dirty but will move out great and canter/gallop with a child that wants to move! Has good brakes, comes right back when they ask. Super fun to trail ride with the big horses as she keeps up perfectly and will take any pony sized cross country jump at the horse park, fearless on trail rides,es cross any bridge and forges through deep water and will swim if the kids want to. Great to ride on the beach too! If you want a pony for your child to be able to be a partner with you for trail rides, teach them to backyard show and game or Pony Club -Beezus is it. And when they outgrow her they are ready to move up to the larges or horses.
Videos of Beezus
Beginner Child W/T
Beginner Child II W/T
Around the World Bareback
Mother May I
Over Fences
Over Fences II
Beginner Child bareback in field 2
Beezus loves kids!

Polka.Com- Leased
Been There Done That Event & Short Stirrup Pony for Lease
Beginner Lesson Pony for lease or sale

Bombproof Lesson, Camp and Kids Event and Short Stirrup Pony
13.1h Mare
Polka Dot has been a part of our programs for years. She is a fantastic kids lesson and Pony Club pony! Loves to jump, carries any beginner w/t/c and crossrails, challenges the advanced beginner and intermediate child just enough to make them learn.
Polka.Com Videos:
Over Fences
On the Flat
Mother May I
Beginner Teen-rider loses balance and thinks it's hysterical!

Childrens Pony For Sale or Lease
The PickPocket The PickPocket

12.1 h Grey Welsh Pony Gelding
Perfect Leadline, Mini & Short Stirrup Pony
Quiet, patient and steady, excellent confidence builder for toddlers,the very young, or timid child who needs the pony who is never in a hurry with more whoa than go.
Currently on lease
Available March 2018- $4500 Annual lease
Annual lease at your trainer's facility- $4500

Rumplestiltskin Rumplestiltskin

12.1 h Grey/ White Welsh Pony Gelding
Champion Short Stirrup Pony

Knick Knack short stirrup pony hunter Knick Knack

11.3 hh Grey Welsh Pony Gelding

short stirrup pony hunter Chocolate Latte
12.2h Welsh x gelding

Champion Short Stirrup Children's Pony

Rikki Tikki Tavi Rikki Tikki Tavi

12.1 h Gray Welsh Pony Gelding
KidProof Mini & Short Stirrup Gorgeous Welsh pony with lots of show miles. Children and Judges Love Tavi!
Perfect made 1st show pony.

Currently on lease
Available Oct 2018 for off farm lease at your trainer's facility- $8500 annual/$2500 winter

All leased ponies must have mortality and liability insurance upon leaving the property.

Understanding Horse Insurance

Whether a horse is purchased or leased for personal or business reasons, it represents a significant investment of time, money and resources. While no one likes to think about the potential for tragedy, horses seem to be prone to illness, accidents and injury. Should some peril befall your horse, nothing may ease the emotional burden, but wise planning can help reduce the economic impact.
Insurance policies are legal contracts between the underwriter (the company) and the insured (horse owner). While individual policies vary so much from company to company and circumstance to circumstance, it is important to note that each policy has its own terms, conditions and requirements, which may necessitate action from you, your veterinarian and your insurance company. To better safeguard yourself and your horse, follow these guidelines from the American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP):
-Read the contract thoroughly before you apply for coverage.
-Ask the insurance representative to explain any words, phrases or provisions you do not understand completely.
-Know your responsibilities. What is required should your horse fall ill, become injured or die?
-Understand any specific guidelines for emergency situations. A crisis is not the time to be trying to interpret your policy's fine print or to look for contact phone numbers.
If euthanasia is recommended, know what steps must be taken in order for a claim to be valid. Make a list of questions to ask your insurance agent or company. Define your needs. Comparison shop. Besides cost, buyers Common types of coverage available for horses include but are not limited to:
Mortality: Paid if the horse dies.
Loss of Use: Paid on a percentage basis if horse is permanently incapacitated for its intended use or purpose.
Major Medical: Like health insurance, offsets costs of veterinary care for catastrophic conditions.
Surgical: Policies that cover only specific procedures such as colic surgery.
Breeding Infertility: Covers stallions or mares for reproductive failure.
Specified Perils: Includes any number of things such as lightning, fire or transportation.
Permission for use is granted with attribution given to the AAEP and Bayer Animal Health

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